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Traditionally, diamond drilling has been used in the construction industry to form different size holes and openings in concrete and brickwork structures. We displayed our complete industrial chain-oriented classical rock drilling tools, high alloy steel, DTH hammer and bits, Reverse circulation hammer and bits, top hammer drilling tools, tricone bits, eccentric casing drilling system, and carbide alloy, that means each steps during the manufacture are under control.
Although this drilling method has largely been supplanted in recent years by other, faster drilling techniques, it is still the hammer grab most feasible drilling method for large diameter, deep bedrock wells, and in widespread use for small rural water supply wells.

As renovations become more complex resulting from the desire of building owners to upgrade an existing structure instead of razing it and rebuilding, project managers and construction firms must continue to leverage cutting edge technologies offered by drill rig manufacturers to maintain cost efficiencies.
Fields International Ltd is a leading supplier of new and quality used plant and heavy construction equipment and machinery Having over 40 years experience in the construction industry specialising in crawler cranes , mobile cranes and foundation drilling rigs , Fields International have the knowledge and experience to offer unmatched levels of supply, service and support.
We manufacture and distribute a wide range of products including tunnel drill jumbos which have been used for drilling a number of road and rail tunnels in the mountains, hydraulic breakers used for rock and concrete structure demolition, and crawler drills used to drill rock in civil engineering projects and open pit mining.

While this does not meet the proper definition of drilling, it does achieve the same result — a borehole Direct push rigs include both cone penetration testing (CPT) rigs and direct push sampling rigs such as a PowerProbe or Geoprobe Direct push rigs typically are limited to drilling in unconsolidated soil materials and very soft rock.
Champion's service and parts support keeps your rigs running with exceptional hands-on customer service and thorough operator training and support. Able to drill in difficult to access areas, this compact construction drilling equipment works fast and is easy to maintain.

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